About me…

I’m Hayley, a 24 year old Final Year Medical Student living on the South Coast of England… I however grew up in a small town in Ireland (culture shock indeed!).

Since I was able to walk and able to talk I knew that I wanted to be a doctor. One year Santa brought me a white coat and doctor’s box, and I spent all of Christmas Day strutting around in my princess heels giving all of my family members ‘majections’. In the last 20-something years not much has changed (I must admit, I’m a little upset we don’t wear white coats, but I’ve stuck with the pretty shoes), but the reality of the life I have chosen is a lot different to what I expected. It isn’t good, or bad- just very very different.

I am a medic, yes, but I am also so much more than that- I love fashion and fitness, I am both a wine connoisseur and a food critic (in my head at least, in reality I just love food and wine), I enjoy crime documentaries and I will forever play Devil’s advocate in a political/ethical debate. I enjoy the nice things in life, but this has to be balanced against working hard and becoming a good doctor and chasing my dreams.

This will probably end up some hidden corner of the internet that I simply use as a diary, but if anyone does read this I hope I don’t bore you to tears. I have a lot of random thoughts about a lot of random things so who knows how this will turn out.

What to expect:

  • Diet- my relationship with abs (on good days) and bloating
  • Fitness
  • Fashion- because I love playing fashion police
  • Beauty routines/products
  • Medicine- the good, the bad, and the wonderful (it’s a rollercoaster)
  • Mental health- let’s talk about it!
  • LIFE- because I have one (sometimes) and I love a good party, or a trip away, or quality time with the people who matter
  • Random chatter about who knows what, because it is me after all…